Simple green smoothie

Normally breakfast at our house is hot oatmeal. It’s especially perfect on cold winter mornings before the furnace really kicks in. But this morning, as I was preparing to make breakfast, I noticed the end of a bag of spinach in the fridge. It had been bugging me for a couple of days because it wasn’t fresh enough to make a salad, but I hated for it to go to waste.

Making a green smoothie seemed like a no-brainer. Since it was a chilly morning, the only ingredients used were odds & ends from the refrigerator and pantry. Everything blended together in less than 5 minutes, and Voila! My husband and I had tasty, healthy and satisfying smoothies. This recipe made enough for each of us to have a tall glass (about 1.5 cups). I felt so good all day that I’m going to try to include green smoothies a few times each week. What about you?  Leave a reply in the comment section and let me know what your favorite smoothie combinations are.


Green Smoothie                            Makes about 3 cups


1 – 2 dates, pitted

1 banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk*

½ cup cold water

1 Persian cucumber

½ bunch parsley

1- 1.5 cups spinach



Add one to two dates and the almond milk in the blender, and blend on low for 2 minutes or until dates are broken down well. I actually use the ice crush setting to start, because dates can be tough to break up. Add the spinach, banana (broken into 3-4 pieces), the Persian cucumber (cut into 4 or so pieces), and parsley, stems and all (roughly cut in half). Blend adding just enough cold water to come to a smooth consistency. Serve & enjoy!

*Substitute other non-dairy or dairy milks here depending on preference.


2 thoughts on “Simple green smoothie

  1. tracy heifetz

    Looks yummy! Great photo! I’m going to make this, hopefully tomorrow! You’ve inspired me once moore!! O! Tracy

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