MooreBetterFood 5 Day Summer Self-Care Challenge 2017


Give yourself the Gift of Self-Care! 

June 26 – 30, 2017

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Finally, the weather is nice and the kids are finished with school!  The time leading up to the end of the school year has been crazy busy with travel, final projects, end of school ceremonies and parties, and trying to squeeze in lots of experiences with friends.


The hustle really took a toll on me though, and I got a bad summer cold. I rarely get sick, but this cold really hit me HARD! I spent extra time sleeping, cancelled going to events and just felt miserable for several days. But I still didn’t pay attention. In fact, because I’d lost time beings sick, I doubled my efforts at getting things done!


Then, just before leaving for my youngest son’s promotion ceremony (from 8th grade into high school), I tripped over something while chasing my dog & broke my toe. If ever, there was a call to slow down, this was it! I ended up spending 3 hours sitting in an ER, only to discover that there’s no treatment for a broken toe, other than to tape it to another toe, elevate it… oh, and to slow down!


Why am I telling you this? It’s not to just regale you with exploits of silliness or one-up injuries, it’s because I’m not the only one! I’ve heard from countless other women that they’re in similar circumstances… they’ve had injuries or illness, been late for appointments due to misplaced their keys or glasses, had to go back to the grocery store for forgotten items all because they were rushing around, focused on caring for others, and not taking care of themselves.


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So I created a 5 day Summer Self-Care Challenge to help inspire and support you and your health. Many other self-care challenges include activities like getting a massage or a manicure, and while I love a good spa day, it’s difficult to fit it into my busy schedule. Plus, even when I can relax and schedule it, by the time I leave the spa, my stress is back full force!


My self-care challenge is 5 days of simple prompts that inspire you to think of activities that fill you up emotionally, and reduce your stress. Join my FREE Self-care challenge and learn ways to take care of yourself that are fun, easy and lasting.


Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to join our private Facebook group. Starting June 26th, you’ll get a daily email prompt of something inspiring and soul-satisfying to do. When you’ve done your activity, come back to the Facebook group and share what you did with the other members of the group. It’s that easy!


And any activity is always easier with friends, so feel free to share this with any friends who you think might like a little TLC too!


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I love, love, love being a certified health coach and environmental toxins educator! I help women feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, and learn about nutritious food that’s tasty and simple to make! When I’m not working with my amazing clients, you can find me cooking, gardening, playing with my dogs or spending time relaxing with family and friends.