I chose Joyful



Every January I pick a theme word to guide me through my year. This year, I considered some great words. But, like clothes, words have to fit well to make you feel comfortable. While there were many fabulous words, none resonated with me until I found Joyful. It’s perfect!! Joyful makes me think of blue skies, kisses and rainbows. It’s exactly how I want this year to develop.

Joyful has been an auspicious choice. Building a business can be challenging and lonely, so choices matter. Whether it’s spending time with family, trying out a new skill or paying bills, approaching the activity with joy colors how I feel about it. Instead of being pissed that I have to pay bills, I’m happy to have them! Bills to pay mean I acquired something. Just like employing new skills mean I’m continuing to learn… you get it!

Wanna play? We’re only one quarter into 2016. It’s not too late to pick a theme word for this year. If you already have a word, how it’s going? Did you choose Abundance and get more love, money or time? Maybe you picked Savor, and are now enjoying dancing, family dinners, or dog walks! And what if your word is not working for you? It’s not too late to pick a better word! How about Determination? Laughter? Creative?

Post your word to the blog! Share how it’s impacted you, and let us cheer you on!







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