Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

Is your kitchen making you fat?

Is your kitchen making you fat?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve changed your diet, gave up soda and sugary snacks, and you exercise regularly. Yet you just can’t lose those last 5 pounds? The cause of your difficulty just may be Obesogens.

Obesogens are chemicals in our food and environment that interfere with the way we metabolize and store fat, impact the hormones that tell us we’re hungry or satisfied, and change the size and functioning of our fat cells. Pesticides, Obesogens, and Phthalates (Oh my!) are a trio of environmental toxins cause chemically induced weight gain. They’re present in everyday items in our homes – canned food, plastic containers and packaging, and non-stick cookware.

The problem is that most people don’t even know they’re there! But if you’re not reducing or eliminating these environmental toxins from your diet and lifestyle, it doesn’t matter how clean your diet is or how much exercise you do, your efforts will be undone.

Want to know more? On April 8th 2015 (12 – 1 PM), I’ll be talking on The Skinny on Chemicals and Weight Gain: How your Kitchen can be Making You Fat at American Executive Centers, 101 Lindenwood Drive, Suite 225, in Malvern.