A Word to Shape 2017


Every New Year’s Eve, I pick a word to help guide me through the year. This word serves as both a business and a personal beacon. Last year, my word was Joyful, the year before, it was Savor, and before that it was Bold. You get the picture.


Now, many good things happened in 2016, but the end of the year left me feeling disappointed and less than Joyful. It really took a while. I thought about a lot of words. And, after much thought and soul searching, I found my word for 2017… It’s Connected.


Connected resonates with me because my goal is to create or deepen connections with people in both my personal and professional life, and in my relationship to the environment, which nourishes and sustains all of us.


Okay, now it’s your turn! I invite each of you to choose a word to guide your year. Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong word, just something meaningful to you, and it can only be one word (not a phrase). Share your word here, and a little bit about why you chose it.


Looking forward to hearing what you chose!




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